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​Blue Ridgers know the front porch to be more than a place. It’s an experience. It’s a sharing of ideas, challenges, questions, and stories. Here, the BRI “Front Porch” blog is a virtual version of that gathering. Join the conversation!

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PRESIDENT’S LETTER…from the desk of Heather Adams

Hi dee hi Ridgers! If you are like me, you might be in a bit of shock that it really is mid-December and we really are at the end of a decade. The start of this decade was the start of my time at BRI! Do you know what that means? It means in 2020, 10 years after I...

Another Conference in the Books

From the front porch…(while sitting on my back porch): Another BRI conference in the history books. Andrea did the job we all expected her to do. She did it with excellence, quality, imagination, perseverance, dedication, love, and commitment. The conference reflected...

Ownership vs. Leadership

Just like no one truly owns a beautiful forest and no one truly owns a coral reef, nonprofit organizations were not set up to be owned by any one individual. Sole ownership of a tax-exempt entity is counter-intuitive and the antithesis of the sectors’ original...
What’s Going On?

What’s Going On?

Prior to BRI week, listen to the tracks of Marvin Gaye’s album “What’s Going On.” Then read the lyrics. Apart from being great music, the themes are timeless and it seems as though Mr. Gaye is reaching across the years to speak to you as a social sector leader. From...

Feeling HOT! HOT! HOT!

Feeling HOT! HOT! HOT!

Living the American dream is taking a toll on our body and minds. I don’t mean to generalize, but most Americans have exhausted themselves-- mentally and physically. This constant pushing ourselves in every direction: at work, at home, with family obligations, we are...

5 Tips to Better Digestion

5 Tips to Better Digestion

(through the eyes of Ayurveda) As Americans, we tend to live in a fast paced, hustle and bustle world. We get up first thing in the morning toast in hand, coffee in to-go mug and fly out the door to  start our hectic day. From there, we may have a “power lunch” where...

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