Blue Ridge Institute Member Nomination

Membership to BRI is achieved by either self-nomination or nomination from a current member of BRI.  If you wish to nominate someone, please fill out the form below with your nominees’ information.  All nominations must be reviewed and approved by the Recruiting Committee.

After you submit your nomination form, please be sure to contact your nominee and have them complete the Nominated Member Application at the bottom of the Apply Here link above. Nomination forms are then matched us with the Application.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicant must be a community service leader or change agent working for or with the charitable sector involved in planning, development, and/or delivery functions of services that support communities, regions, states, nationally or internationally.
  • Applicant must hold a paid or volunteer executive level leadership position (CEO, ED or report to the CEO/ED) within their organization.
  • If the applicant is retired, they must have met the above criteria while employed.
  • Active members who retire, or move to an organization or position that no longer meets the above criteria, may continue to participate.

Recruitment Toolkit

BRI Flyer

BRI Sample Letter

Blue Ridge Institute Member Nominating Form

BRI Member Nominating Form

This form is to be used for a BRI Member to nominate a new BRI member. There is a separate form for self- nominations.

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