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    Directions: Please answer the following questions. Please attempt to limit your responses to 250 words or less per essay.

    A. Give one example of a professional achievement. Please describe the achievement, your role in the effort, leadership qualities you demonstrated, how the effort affected others and any personal reflections you would like to share.

    B. BRI is held in a beautiful and very rural setting and includes accommodations similar to a dorm-type setting (private rooms/bathrooms in older concrete block buildings inside a remote state park; there are some fully equipped cabins available as well). The conference has been likened to “summer camp for grown-ups.” Why does the leadership development and personal renewal this conference offers, in this setting, appeal to you?

    C. Much of the learning and growth experienced at BRI is informal in nature and gleaned from conversations and relationships with the attendees. What qualities will you bring to the BRI family to further this type of learning?

    D. In your opinion, what are the most significant problems facing our communities today? How do you or will you attempt to address these problems as a leader in your community?

    E. In thinking about how you heard about BRI (a current member, saw an ad, found our website), what piqued your interest the most? Why do you feel BRI would be of value to you, professionally or personally?

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