Blue Ridge Institute Conference Scholarships

Purpose of Scholarships

BRI scholarships are made available for two reasons:

  1. To assist “veteran” Blue Ridgers when they experience sudden, unexpected financial challenges (e.g., job loss, reduction in funding at their agency thus limiting or eliminating funds for professional development, etc.)  and need financial assistance to attend the conference, or,
  2. To incentivize/support Freshpersons to attend who may not have the necessary funds to cover conference related costs (due to being recruited late in the recruiting period, or because they weren’t planning on this expense period before they were recruited to BRI).

Scholarship awards are limited to all or a percentage of the conference registration fee.  It is the Blue Ridger’s responsibility to cover their housing, meals, and transportation expenses.  The BRI Executive Manager may inform scholarship recipients about opportunities to save on these costs (e.g., ride‐sharing, sharing a room/cabin, etc.). The scholarship does not consist of a cash payment to the awardee.  Instead, the scholarship award consists of a waiver of all or part of the conference registration fee for that year.

Eligibility and Conditions

Scholarships shall be limited to one award per Blue Ridger every three years (e.g., a Blue Ridger receiving a scholarship for the 2016 conference is not eligible to apply for and receive another scholarship until the 2019 conference).  The BRI Executive Manager shall maintain a record of scholarships awarded each year.  If you have a question about when you may have received a previous scholarship, contact the BRI Executive Manager.

Blue Ridgers shall not be required to do anything in exchange for receipt of a scholarship.  Nonetheless, scholarship recipients are encouraged to consider helping out during the conference, offering a “gift in kind” of some sort, signing up for a committee in the coming year, and/or sending a thank‐you note to the BRI Scholarship Task Force. Click here for full Policy.