Recruitment Tools

BRI provides members with several recruitment tools to help your outreach efforts to potential Freshpersons.

Either self-nomination or nomination by a current Ridger achieves acceptance to BRI.  If you wish to nominate someone, have them go to the Join BRI page and complete the BRI Recruitment Application. Free applications open each year in January and close in June.

The Strategic Engagement Committee must review and approve all nominations before acceptance to the Facebook group or BRI conference registration.

If you have questions about BRI Recruitment, contact the Recruitment Chair, Maria Martin, or Executive Director, Allison Gant.

Recruitment Video

BRI Official Promo Video

Are you a community service leader seeking a unique professional development opportunity? Look no further than the Blue Ridge Institute.

Eligibility Criteria

All applicants must meet the following criteria to be accepted to the Blue Ridge Institute (BRI).

  • Be a community service leader or change agent working for a charitable sector involved in planning, development, and/or delivery functions of services that support communities, regions, states, nationally, or internationally.
  • Hold a paid or volunteer executive-level leadership position (CEO, ED or report directly to the CEO/ED) within their organization.
  • If the applicant is retired, they must have met the above criteria while employed.
  • Active members who retire or move to an organization or position that no longer meets the above criteria may continue to participate in BRI.

Recruitment Toolkit