Are you a community service leader looking for a different kind of leadership development experience?

The Blue Ridge Institute may be just what you are looking for…

A week-long encounter that includes seminars with national experts speaking on topics relevant to community leaders today, planned family friendly group activities that encourage professional relationships, and plenty of fun and relaxation to renew your energy and passion for your work.

The Blue Ridge Institute – discover,  refresh,  and renew.


Clear your mind of outside stressors and discover all the Blue Ridge Institute has to offer. Stimulating conversations, thought-provoking presentations by amazing national speakers with proven solutions for leadership.


Relax and let go of everything beyond the moment.  Connect with fellow Blue Ridgers as you have fun together.  The comradery and friendship can last a lifetime.


Enjoy a rustic retreat set amidst the pristine beauty of the Nantahala National Forest in the mountains of Western North Carolina at Fontana Village Resort. Spend a special week away from business and life’s pressures.

Join us for the best conference to Learn, Lead, & Renew at the Blue Ridge Institute.

Ready, Set, Go!

From the Front Porch – BRI Blog

PRESIDENT’S LETTER…from the desk of Heather Adams

Hi dee hi Ridgers! Happy Fall! As the days become shorter and much of the news around us continues to be challenging to digest, I hope that you are your family are healthy and well. What has kept you going recently? Have you found a new hobby? Learned a new skill? Or...

PRESIDENT’S LETTER…from the desk of Heather Adams

Hi dee hi Ridgers! I hope this issue of Behind the Scenes finds you healthy and well! It’s so hard to believe it is almost October. It was great to see many of you during this year’s virtual conference. While there are so many pieces of the Blue Ridge Institute...

PRESIDENT’S LETTER…from the desk of Heather Adams

Hi dee hi Ridgers! If you are like me, you might be in a bit of shock that it really is mid-December and we really are at the end of a decade. The start of this decade was the start of my time at BRI! Do you know what that means? It means in 2020, 10 years after I...

Another Conference in the Books

From the front porch…(while sitting on my back porch): Another BRI conference in the history books. Andrea did the job we all expected her to do. She did it with excellence, quality, imagination, perseverance, dedication, love, and commitment. The conference reflected...

Ownership vs. Leadership

Just like no one truly owns a beautiful forest and no one truly owns a coral reef, nonprofit organizations were not set up to be owned by any one individual. Sole ownership of a tax-exempt entity is counter-intuitive and the antithesis of the sectors’ original...

“BRI has been a tremendous opportunity for both me AND my daughter. We have learned alot, mmade life-long friends and grown closer. I am grateful for this chance for world-class development while also spending time with my family”

Susan McGrath

Cocoa Beach, FL

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