2024 BRI Conference

July 21 – 25, 2024

  • What should a “real leader” look like and how should they show up to their staff, boards, colleagues and the people they serve?
  • How can leaders be respected, but also admit failures and teach others as we learn from them?
  • How can we share our personal stories when they open us up to vulnerability and judgment?
  • How can we lead when we’re in a crisis, either personally or professionally?
  • How can we commit to more equitable workplaces and services when it means admitting that we have our own “stuff” to deal with and we struggle with it?

Authentic leadership leads to greater job satisfaction, organizational commitment and workplace happiness for leaders and for our employees. It helps us have deeper connections with each other and helps our communities trust us. Authentic leadership includes sharing our real selves, speaking our minds and hearts even when it might not be well received or it might not fit the mold of what others think a “leader” should look like or act. It means being open about our successes but also our failures. Therefore, it also means getting comfortable being uncomfortable, and engaging in difficult but real conversations with people around us.

BRI 2024 will help you explore what authenticity means when it comes to our leadership and the various groups of stakeholders that we interact with.

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