So, How you doing? We are five days into 2017 and I am wondering how those resolutions are going? Me…of course I am working on mine, it’s still January, check back with me come Valentine’s Day! My resolution is more like an insurance and investment strategy for my longevity and well being and less like an actual resolution. It’s an “if I don’t, then this________(insert horrible thing) will likely happen to me.” My bones are creeky, stuff doesn’t work like it used to, if there is a measurement for flexibility, I’m at the end of that spectrum. I am long overdue to make a change to a healthier lifestyle and yoga seems like my best shot. Hello YOGA, whether you want to be or not, you are my new BFF.

It’s not a secret that I turned fifty this year. I didn’t shout it from the mountaintops, but I did ease into the half century thing with as much style and self-awareness as I could possibly muster. Now it is time to plan and set up my next half century.

The idea is simple. I will do at least 30 minutes of yoga every day for the rest of 2017. There is no real science behind this decision, there is no evidence-based practice that I am following, no one is forcing me to do this, it just seems like getting into a routine to stretch, breathe and meditate might be a good next step.

If you keep me posted on your resolutions, I’ll do the same. Who’s in?