So are you ready for a challenge? The first principle in setting goals is to set BIG goals. Leadership expert Jim Collins calls these “Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals.” Often we find ourselves in a rut. We’ve spent time identifying a goal that is appropriate for our organization (or for you personally) but so often our vision is limited and we chose a goal that’s achievable without much stretching. These type of goals are often uninspiring and will usually result in mediocre and uninspiring results as well.

Let me share a recent personal experience as an example. I’ve always enjoyed running and for a decade I ran 5-7 miles a day with no problem. My longest run ever was one time when I reached nine miles. I was proud of myself but couldn’t imagine running much further. I always admired those like fellow BRI colleague and current President, Eileen Coogan, who has run over fifty marathons. However I couldn’t imagine running 26.2 miles. Then having increased my running a little bit, lost some weight, I decided that at age 69 I would stretch myself and go for it like my friend and role-model Eileen. To achieve this goal I began a training program which I will talk about more in my next blog. Needless to say I achieved this big goal by completing two Marathons last year. Even won First Place for my age group at the Airforce Marathon in October. Signed up for two more marathons in 2016!

I share my experience as an example of what we can accomplish if we set realistic but big, mountain-high goals. Thus in your organization or in your personal life I encourage you to stretch a bit and set some goals that may seem impossible to you now. If you followup by setting appropriate short term goals you will be amazed at what you will accomplish. I’ll talk about the importance of short-term goals next week.

Until next time,
Aubrey Nehring