New to BRI in 2019, were skill labs. Participants had the opportunity to choose from this list and attend four of these sessions. Based on selections and numbers, participants were pre-assigned to a session and time. We had great participation from our skill lab leaders and interest from members! Thank you to all who presented and are providing their materials here.

Members, please keep the materials to yourself and do not share or distribute them without written permission from the presenter. Thank you!
  1. Amplify Visibility For Your Nonprofit With Guidestar
    Presented by CL Davidson, Qbix Accounting Solutions, LLC.
    This session illustrates how and why organizations should obtain Guidestar’s Seal of Transparency. How your organization can benefit from Guidestar’s Grant Application Integration. How organizations can put their organization in the best light for grantors and other funders using Guidestar. Click here for the presentation materials!
  2. Things You Should Understand About Your Financial Statements & How To Prevent Theft From Your Nonprofit
    Presented by Presented by CL Davidson, Qbix Accounting Solutions, LLC.
    Many CEOs and managers have a fear of their financial statements and maybe don’t want to admit they don’t understand them. This session will show you how to understand them in new ways and help you detect when you should be alert to various issues. Click here for the presentation materials!
  3. From “Survivor” to “Amazing Race”: Intentional Leadership for Dynamic Boards
    Presented by Gregory Nielsen, Nielsen Training & Consulting, LLC
    Leading a dynamic and effective nonprofit Board is challenging! Often, it can feel like an episode of the television show “Survivor.” In this engaging and interactive workshop, explore practical and refreshingly unique ways in which you can transform your Board journey into an “Amazing Race” to translate vision into reality. Click here for the presentation materials!
  4. Getting Intentionally Technical
    Presented by Patrick Jinks, The Jinks Perspective
    Tech tools, tips, tricks, and cheats for productivity, facilitation, and communication; Lessons from a solopreneur you can use in the workplace or on the road. Click here for Patrick’s list of favorite tech tools.
  5. Building a Beautiful and Bountiful Budget
    Presented by Benjamin Bullock, Together SC
    Is your Budget in need of a refresh? Are you unsure of what dollars are paying for what services? It’s time for a kick in the Budget! Ben Bullock will tell you how to reorganize your organization’s most important planning document so that you can give your funders and board an exact cost for everything you do. Click here for the presentation materials!
  6. Build Your Board into a Championship Fundraising Team
    Presented by Gregory Nielsen, Nielsen Training & Consulting, LLC
    Highly effective Boards create a culture of philanthropy throughout the organization, fueled by the profound impact of the mission, compelling nature of the vision, and commitment to the values. It requires a team approach, with thought and intentionality at each step along the journey. By equipping Board members with vital information, establishing a common definition of success, assessing and utilizing strengths, and celebrating progress, your Board can be the champions who propel the organization toward mission success. Click here for the presentation materials!
  7. Managing Conflict in the Workplace
    Presented by Johanna Inman, Ideal HR
    No one enjoys conflict in the workplace and most of us seek to avoid it at all costs. This session will focus on how to use conflict as a positive, not negative, influence toward better team work and organizational growth.
  8. Tools to Help You Make Better Hiring Decisions and Build The Culture You Need at Your Organization
    Presented by Johanna Inman, Ideal HR
    Use assessment tools such as the TTI, DSC, and others can help you make better hiring decisions and avoid costly mistakes. These tools can also help you build a better culture in your organization. This session will focus on the tools available and how to use these tools intentionally to build a stronger work place.
  9. Five-Factor Wellness
    Presented by Corinne Danielson, Mph, The Sari Center
    As busy professionals and leaders who value time with family and friends, we need to intentionally learn, and actively PRACTICE, healthy lifestyle tools every day so we can stay balanced, prevent disease, and be our best selves in our service to others. This workshop will go over the Five-Factor Wellness concept that I have developed to help anyone improve their overall health and wellness. We will discuss evidence supporting the importance of each factor to our health as well as practical examples and recommendations for how to positively affect each factor. We will also practice together some short exercises that demonstrate some of the tools participants can use to improve their wellness. Click here for the presentation materials!
  10. STEAM Songs
    Presented by Tim Griffin, Griffin Education Solutions
    Tim Griffin is a retired STEM teacher; an award-winning songwriter, performer, and storyteller; and the founding director of GriffinEd, a nonprofit team of educators and performers dedicated to raising academic achievement through fun educational music. Come learn about science, history, and other great stuff with wacky songs about Aristotle, Copernicus, and that weird thing on your lunch tray. We will also take a look at the serious science of how integrating the arts into core areas of instruction can help narrow the achievement gap in our schools.
  11. Intentional Conversations With Donors
    Presented by John Elbare, CFP, AIF, Florida Philanthropic Advisors, LLC
    Join us for an interactive session about having intentional conversations with your donors and funders. Learn how to easily move the conversation toward a gift discussion in way that is comfortable for you and your supporter. These simple techniques will help you raise much more money and keep your donors happily engaged.
  12. “They Said What?” Crititcal Strategies To Protect And Expand Your Digital Reputation
    Presented by Phoebe Ezell, Bizvisioneer
    In this skill lab you will learn how your digital reputation is built and how to manage it in this very technological, media-focused world we work in today. Click the image for the presentation materials!