Hi dee hi Ridgers!

Happy Fall! As the days become shorter and much of the news around us continues to be challenging to digest, I hope that you are your family are healthy and well.

What has kept you going recently? Have you found a new hobby? Learned a new skill? Or discovered different and maybe unexpected ways to spend your time?

My Facebook and LinkedIn feeds tell me that in the midst of the challenging times, we are all making our way through. Ridgers are continuing to do what they do best-lead and accomplish great things individually and for your organizations! I certainly find hope and inspiration in seeing the accomplishments of Ridgers all over. We love to celebrate you and the great things you are helping make happen. If you see or hear of something important in a fellow Ridger’s world, make sure you share it! I know sometimes singing our own praises doesn’t come naturally.

Your BRI Board of Directors continues to meet monthly. We’ve debriefed the Virtual Conference and reviewed the Conference Evaluation (see below), begun to plan for next summer’s conference, continued conversations around hiring an Executive Director and begun work on the next slate of board members and officers.

There are always opportunities to get more involved in the work of BRI and I certainly welcome you to reach out if you are interested in joining a committee or sharing a thought or idea.

Keep your eye on your inbox for Behind the Scenes at the end of each month and please reach out if you have questions or good news to share! Take good care and be well!

Wishing you well,

Heather Adams, BRI President 2019-2021


  • Overall there was roughly a 65% return rate on the conference evaluation.
  • 80% of responses rated the Virtual Conference experience as excellent or great.
  • Ridgers who were able to attend were grateful there was a virtual conference.
  • Attendees appreciated the opportunity to connect with colleagues, acknowledging that connecting virtually isn’t quite the same as in person.
  • Natalie Burke, our keynote speaker, was a highlight for many attendees who responded to the evaluation. In particular the focus of her presentation felt timely and needed.

Thinking about our goals of DISCOVER, CONNECT, EXPLORE and REFRESH & RENEW (based on those who responded “a great deal”):

  • Discover: 79% of respondents felt the experience provided them with new knowledge and/or skills.
  • Connect: 45% of respondents felt they had an opportunity for meaningful interaction with colleagues.
  • Explore: 76% of responded felt the conference contributed to their development as a leader.
  • Refresh & Renew: 18% of respondents felt they were provided with a chance to relax & rejuvenate.

The full Conference Evaluation has been shared with all board members. Committee Chairs will use the feedback as they plan for 2021.