Taller or Smaller?

Taller or Smaller?

Coaching an executive recently, he told me that his CEO had a way of making people feel smaller instead of taller. That really hit me. It was as if my client was now coaching ME. So I started asking this question:

When I come into the presence of those I lead, do they feel taller, or do they feel smaller?

Leadership is about the team. It’s about those we lead.

So, how do we make people feel taller or smaller? ¬†Here are a few things…. do you have any to add?

To make people feel SMALLER, try this:

  • Talk down to them.
  • Interrupt them.
  • Dismiss their ideas.
  • Zone out on them while they are talking.
  • Rebuke them in front of others.

To make them feel TALLER, try some of this:

  • Acknowledge them when they enter the room.
  • Listen actively and intently to them.
  • Praise their efforts in front of others.
  • Compliment them on something simple.
  • Assign them something important to you with confidence.

Those things don’t seem so hard, do they? Will we get more out of our team if they feel tall?

I could go on, but I’d rather hear YOUR ideas. Add to the list!

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  • Grace Alfiero Posted January 25, 2017 2:54 pm

    I totally agree with you Patrick on this one! Yesterday I got a short email from one of my new clients who said simply “Thank you Grace for all your efforts so far, we feel so encouraged now that you are working with us.” That’s all it took to make my day! And this had a ripple effect, because I ended up adding a sweet message like this to all my emails of the day too.

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