There is still time to donate to our Learn. Lead. Renew. GIVE. campaign and meet our $10,000 goal by December 31! Join us and give today. We’ve raised $6,500 and we’re in the final stretch. Special thanks to our match partners, Richard LaPratt and Tim Ervolina, for their commitment to BRI and our future. Check out their quotes below about why they give.

For the last two weeks of the campaign, I am issuing a President’s Challenge and will match donations up to $1,000! Give now and triple your impact on BRI. Funds raised support our annual conference, year-round member engagement, and staffing. Your investment helps us keep growing, keep trying, keep challenging, and keep making meaning out of moments. Click here to give today, or send a check to Blue Ridge Institute, P.O. Box 4421, Greensboro, NC 27404.

“BRI enhances my leadership skills beyond measure. Whether I am there at the conference learning about different leadership approaches, challenges, or improvements, or whether I am outside the conference leaning on others for their knowledge, BRI provides me with constant support as a leader. I give to BRI so that others may benefit as I do. Without BRI, I do not know that I would be as successful as I am today.”
– Richard LaPratt

“I want the next generation of nonprofit leaders to find what I found here: An organization that nurtured me, fed me, provided me with the wisest mentors I could have ever hoped for–and gave me some of the closest friends of my entire life.”
– Tim Ervolina