Meaning is Made in Moments
Having a long-held assumption challenged by Nisha Anand during her first day… Reflecting on the challenges of leadership in a growing organization and feeling the support of other leaders who totally understood the pressure it puts on you… Dancing with abandon at the gala surrounded by people I’ve grown to know, respect, and depend on… These are some of the BRI 2023 Conference highlights that stand out in my mind. The moments that give meaning and memories that will last forever.

I give to BRI because it’s not just any other group of people, and the annual gathering is not just any other conference. It’s a group of people that understand and share similar struggles, but are also willing to challenge me on areas where I need to grow to become stronger. I give because I value what BRI stands for…not a perfect, polished, bougie group of “who’s whos” but a group of real, open, imperfect-but-trying leaders dedicated to growth in order to lead better.

Join me in honoring what BRI is by giving so we can keep growing, keep trying, keep challenging, and keep making meaning out of moments.

Give today and double your impact toward our goal to invest $10,000 in BRI by the end of 2023. With two generous match partners, let’s take advantage of this unique opportunity to celebrate our connection to BRI and this family of choice.

—Julie Smithwick
BRI President